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Why ExamLab’s OAT test prep is better:

  • Best Physics questions and interactive explanations on the market!
  • Best Organic Chemistry questions and explanations available!
  • Survey of Natural Sciences questions are very similar to real test questions!

Includes: 3 full OAT Tests with full explanations, 1 bonus Survey of Natural Sciences Section with full explanations.


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OAT Description

With ExamLab, you get expert OAT instruction, when and where you choose. Our interactive online program is designed for flexibility and convenience. You can prep at any time on any Internet-connected device, including your smartphone or tablet. Our tests are created and continuously updated by experts, so you can be sure all questions and answers are relevant and accurate. As you practice, we analyze your performance and offer personalized feedback. Our sophisticated diagnostic tools help you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, improve your pacing and time, and see how you rank among fellow optometry school applicants.

What’s Included

  • Physics

    We have spent years creating quality and challenging questions, and using top graphic engineers to perfect our interactive explanation modules to help you answer the toughest Physics questions very easily. You will crush this section!

  • Survey of Natural Sciences

    Our Biology and Chemistry question are the most relevant to the real questions. You will be very comfortable with the format of the actual DAT questions. Plus, our in-depth explanations will leave you with no unanswered questions!

  • Reading Comprehension

    You will have no surprises in this section on test day. You will be very comfortable with the format of the questions, as well as the structure of the section. Our explanations will provide you with tricks, which can reduce the amount of time you spend on these questions.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

    Our mission is to make you faster at Mathematics. The challenge isn’t to conquer difficult questions, but to answer them as quickly as possible.

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  • “Peer Comparison was a great way to see where you’re at with other students. Just amazing.”

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