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Why ExamLab?

We answer the age old question of whether going with my gut would have been better? Examlab provides an exclusive feature that measures whether going with your gut yields a better outcome. Students change answers all the time so we decided to track your behavior on the tests to see if applying the gut factor works better for you.See how you stack up against the students who will be applying to professional schools with you. Our peer group comparison tool provides an adjusted score based on the current pool of test-takers—a feature unique to ExamLab.Our tests are created by PhDs, MDs, DDSs, and PharmDs—experts from top schools who know what kind of questions you’re most likely to encounter on exam day and how to explain them. And our online question bank is updated regularly.Unlike many of our competitors, you’ll never have to worry about wrong or incomplete answers. There are no one-liners here. All of our test questions include in-depth explanations that have been vetted for clarity and accuracy.We provide a detailed analysis of your practice test results, including overall performance, performance by section, and areas of strength and weakness. We even show you how much time you spent on each test question, not just each section.

What Students Are Saying About ExamLab

  • “Very impressed with Examlab. Diagnostic tools are amazing. The user interface is awesome!“
  • “Gut factor is such a great tool. I can't believe how many answers would have been right if I went with my gut!“
  • “Overall, I highly recommend Examlab. You helped me score higher on my DAT. What more can I say?“

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