About ExamLab

ExamLab provides expert online test prep for the DAT, OAT, and PCAT. Our interactive, Web-based program combines quality instruction with maximum flexibility and convenience—all at a price that fits your budget. With our in-depth diagnostic reports, detailed explanations, and personalized tips, we guarantee you’ll score your best come exam day.

Best of all, there’s no software to install, so you’re not tied to a specific computer or location. You can prep for your test anywhere you have Internet access: at home, school, the library, even on the go on your iPad or iPhone.

All you have to do is sign up and get started. Our practice tests are created and continuously updated by an experienced team of PhDs, MDs, DDs, and PharmDs.When you sign up for one of our test prep programs, you get full-length practice tests with comprehensive answers and illustrations—all reviewed for relevance and accuracy.

As you prep, we analyze your performance, break down your strengths and weaknesses, and rank you against your test-taking peers—a feature unique to ExamLab. We also offer timers and test-day simulations to help you learn to pace yourself and improve your time. All this, plus our satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t get a higher score after prepping with us, we’ll give you your money back!

Our Team


Dr. Bruce Mann

Chief editor

Dr. Bruce Mann is the chief editor for ExamLab. He was brought onto the project at an early stage to oversee the writing and editing of the company’s examination content. Born in the UK, Bruce attended the University of Cambridge as an undergraduate where he studied Classics. He stayed at Cambridge for his first postgraduate degree: his thesis approached questions on slavery in the writings of early Roman Christian theologians. Bruce moved to the University of Dundee in Scotland for his doctorate, by which time his research interests had shifted significantly; the main focus of his research was to examine the decline of motor manufacturing in the UK relative to the British economy during and after World War II.

Bruce thoroughly enjoys putting his skills to work for ExamLab. “Working on this project is a tremendous chance to contribute to the academic community’ he says. “We’re here to nurture, encourage and develop candidates’ skills, giving them the very best opportunities they can have to make a successful start in such a competitive industry.’ He particularly enjoys the challenge of writing the comprehension and verbal logic sections of the exams. “This is the part where we can truly challenge students’ thinking” he comments, “not for how much they’ve learned of their subject, but for their ability to think through problems, their intellectual agility, and their ability to extract important information under pressure. All these are vital skills in their chosen profession.”

Dr. Vahe Nakashyan

Chief editor

With a Degree of Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California, Dr. Vahe Nakashyan helped co-found Examlab. He currently oversees content management while also playing a profound role in the day to day operations. Dr. Nakashyan is known to be the “expert” test taker and plays a vital part in making sure the content helps students become better test takers. “It is very important to produce content that directly reflects with the actual DAT, PCAT, and OAT. My goal is to make sure our students get enough practice so that the actual test day brings no surprises.”

Karlo Nazarian

Karlo Nazarian

IT Director

A graduate from the University of Southern California, Karlo brings his vast and in depth Internet Technology expertise to Examlab. He has spent the past 20 years building and spearheading a number of successful e-commerce startups. From consumable items to B-to-B Web services, Karl has helped launch new applications on Mobil and Desktop systems. He has built a strong partnership with an on-shore and off-shore development group that enables all projects to have 24/7 development cycles.

Edward Nazarian

Co Founder and Chief Strategic Officer

With a background in Biology and Biomedical Physics, Edward helped co-found Examlab and oversees strategic ways in providing testing tools for students to utilize.  “Our goal at Examlab is to train students to become better test takers.  We strongly believe that test taking is just as important as the knowledge needed to perform at the highest level.” These exams are simulated and occur under stressful times so time management and the right demeanor are crucial to yield the highest score possible.  Edward plays a vital role in providing a complete and thorough reporting so students can better understand their behavior throughout the test.  The newest tool “Gut Factor” shows students how many times an answer choice was changed and whether going with your gut was the better option.  “We truly feel that our extensive reporting, explanations, peer comparison, and diagnostic tools separate us from our competition.  It is simply unmatched”

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